Send information to customers, on their Android and IOS devices, about promotions, new products and offers.

SmartNotifyME, always in touch with customers and users

SmartNotifyMe Send push notifications system by Cloud The ME! App

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The license to use the cloud service is available for purchase immediately through Paypal payment: choose the type of license from 1, 3, 6 or 12 months and receive an email with your login credentials within 48 hours.
Remember to download SmartNotifyME App! Free for your customers from Google Play or AppStore and starts interacting with them.

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What's SmartNotifyME

SmartNotifyME is a tool that allows you to send real-time specific messages, to create a strong connection to subscribers for both the short and long terms. "Engagement with the customer".

This is a direct communication from a specific institution, brand, company or marketing agency to customers, or potential users, who choose to receive notifications on their device, with the option to unsubscribe at a later time.

Piattaforma Cloud Notifica su dispositivo Mobile

The cloud platform

The cloud platform allows you to send push messages to users who have subscribed to receive notifications on their smartphone or tablet via the free app downloadable from the AppStore or GooglePlay.

Create and send messages

Manage and send messages from cloud with text, images, links to mobile devices

Acquire new customers

Sending them personalized communications and managing the relationship

See Sent and Read Statistics

Check the approval rating of your messages and manage contacts. Export data as .xls or .csv

The "Me!" App

Users who have downloaded the ME! App can search nearby their location by geolocation or simply typing in a city or zip code, can identify activities and subscribe to receive future notifications.

Download the ME! App

from Google Store or Apple Store, subscribe and choose the brands and assets to follow. You can unsubscribe whenever you want!


Follow your favorite shops and public entities, and get notifications

Keep up with the news of your brands, shops, public institutions, universities and schools.

Contact the business

Contact the chosen organization, by phone, with just one click. Call or write an email.

PDF Brochure

SmartNotifyMe is a fundamental tool in any strategy for Mobile Marketing designed for any company, organization, or association.

Buy now!

"ME!" App: not cumbersome.
Only 20 MB

All messages reside on the cloud and will not take up space on your mobile device.

Who should use SmartNotifyMe!

Customers target

SmartNotifyMe! is the in Cloud software to be use by small businesses, neighborhood stores, supermarkets, retail stores, franchises, associations, all entities to help them improve relationship and engagement with their customers communicating offers, promotions, events or any other information.
Download the Free App on your mobile phone and look for it: you will receive your communications directly on your smartphone in real time.

  • 1

  • Pizzerias, bars, pubs, restaurants, small businesses, neighborhood stores, haberdashery, tobacco shops, retail shops, franchises ... Make a direct contact with your customers.
  • Sign in to the in-cloud platform, create your own message with promotions and events and send it to your customers who have downloaded the SmartNotifyME free App on your mobile.
  • View messages reading statistics.

  • 3

  • Download the free ME! App on your smartphone or tablet,
  • Use geolocation or choose a city of interest from the "Search" menu.
  • Locate businesses or organizations of interest to you in your chosen area and connect to them; ability to contact them via email or by phone directly from the App.
  • Receive push notifications from selected companies and government agencies, directly from the App.

Are You a Dealer? Do you want to do business with us?

Sell SmartNotifyME! To your customers: traders, traders or public offices and add value to your customer's business by helping them communicate their business.
1. Purchase the SmartNotifyME reseller license
2. Register and manage customers who purchased from you SmartNotifyME on the dashboard and provide them with the password for access to SmartNotifyMe for their end-user communications.
3. Send messages to your self-managed accounts to update them on sales and offers.

Software and App for customizable project.

Video: how it works

It's really simple and intuitive: useful to companies, advertising agencies, consulting companies and accountants, as well as schools, universities and public administration offices.



SmartNotifyME allows direct communication from a specific institution, brand, company or marketing agency to customers, or potential users, who choose to receive notifications on their device, with the option to unsubscribe at a later time without any commitment.

Useful to companies or institutions in order to recruit new customers and send immediate communications in a few simple steps.

  • Easy and intuitive
  • Geolocalization
  • Immediate contact
  • Mobile devices
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